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Your Favorite Multi-tasking Items?
So, I was trying to cut my child clutter in half lately and I realized that one of my biggest obstacles to simplified living space is purchasing special-purpose items where a multi-tasker would do. Multi-taskers that have earned their storage space include - olive oil as a cooking ingredient, diaper rash ointment, and sore breastfeeding nipple ointment - [WalMart $4 pop up laundry basket as a travel bassinet]( which when the kid outgrows can be their laundry basket/hamper - child washcloths as nursing/breast pads, washcloths to wash the child with, and cloth wipes (also incredibly tiny spit up cloths) - a microwave which can heat a bowl of water which intern heats the bottle Single-use clutter that I regret includes wipes warmers, bottle warmers, bottle sterilizers, special fridge milk pitcher things, and more. What are some of your breakthrough multi-tasking purchases or worst single-use traps?

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