Breast Pump and a 6 Month Old

Does anyone know what baby-related paraphernalia flies free? I am taking a Low Cost Carrier flight in January and for the purposes of our budget have to fly personal item only. However, due to the nature of the trip we will have our 6 month old lap child with us and I will need to bring a breast pump, frozen breast milk, and pumping supplies as well, which eats into the personal item’s space. And we need to bring a car seat (baby bucket). Does any of this fly free per FAA rules so that it won’t be counted against my one bag allotment?

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For those who were one-bag travelers prior to parenthood and now wish to travel one-bag with a child. For our purposes, it is one bag per purchased transit seat, although we aren’t gatekeepers so if you post about one bag per body that’ll be allowed too.

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