Trouble Inserting Diaper Pins

I use predominantly prefolds and flats and usually use a Snappi. I made an order from Green Mountain Diapers (they are currently having a sale on muslin flats with 20% off using coupon code MUSLIN) and got a free set of diaper pins from them. I cannot for the life of me get the diaper pins to penetrate the fabric.

I’ve poked them into a bar of soap. That hasn’t helped much.

I am an older sibling in a cloth diapering family and when my kid brother was in cloth diapers (prefolds) there were only diaper pins. I would change his diapers sometimes. I cannot remember having trouble getting any diaper pins to penetrate the fabric.

If seven year old me could pin a diaper, this strikes me that something is amiss with the current generation of pins, maybe just this set of pins, or the current generation of flats and prefolds. Does anyone have any insight as to which it could be?

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